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We'd like to officially let everyone know that Christina is available to cater your event!

We gladly accept all reasonable Catering orders; from Weddings to Baby Showers, Funerals and Birthdays - we've done them all. We've even been known to "help" when a fussy in-law comes to town! We specialize in homestyle cooking, nothing too pretentious, with local products and good health in mind.

Every order we've done has always been different from the last. Give us your budget, number of guests and date and we'll be glad to give you a quote that may just fit your needs.

Please call Christina (604 719 3616) for any custom catering requirements or drop us an email: wsbistro@gmail.com

As all food is made to order, please give us at least 48 hours notice. The larger the order, and the more notice you give us, the more we'll appreciate it - thanks!


To all our wonderful customers…

It has been a wild and crazy roller-coaster 9 years of business, and as of June 1st, the bistro has closed its doors at our Port Coquitlam location.

I thank all of the Bistro’s customers who stuck by us thru good times and bad. The ones who came in and were the only table for hours and the ones who kindly gave their table up when they saw a line-up forming at the door. The customers who shared their tables with complete strangers and the ones who made us a part of their life by allowing us to cater every milestone event in their family, I thank you. The customers who gave me their beloved pie plates for me to make a pie on so they can tell their family they made it, well, I took it as a compliment. You were a source of entertainment and conversation, until other customers found out and asked for the same. Easter and Christmas baking became a pie-plate gong show! To the customers who gave me kindly advice on what to do when times were tough, thank you for the advice; I didn’t always take it, but it gave me something to think about.

Now, after the last crazy-busy year and a bit, I have decided to leave our location and change the direction of the business. No, we are not going out of business, just changing the way I run things and what I have to offer. Over the years, the bistro had turned into something that I wasn’t ready for. In the beginning I was just a girl that wanted to cook food that no one had the time to make - cakes, pies, stews and soups. The wants and needs of our customers have changed since the inception of the bistro all those years ago. I also found myself conflicted at times doing what I do. Local, free-range, organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, low-carb, these are all terms and condition that I’ve had to deal with. Nine years ago, my focus for the bistro was to primarily use locally sourced ingredients. Today’s customers require and demand for much more that what I had originally offered. I quickly realized that to keep everyone happy and be able to do so at an affordable price was next to impossible. Maybe I offered too many choices when it wasn’t so busy or I shouldn’t have been so accommodating in the beginning? But when we did become busy, stopping everything to ensure that all dietary restrictions were respected became a nightmare. After a while it became of game of “substitution roulette” for customers with dietary restrictions (at the risk of getting negative feedback, dare I say, self-imposed dietary restrictions).  To the customer who insisted I use a newly washed pan before cooking their meal in fear of gluten contamination, don’t for a minute think I didn’t judge you when you ordered a beer. Or to the customer who berated me in the middle of service for not serving organic meat, I must say that it took a lot of strength for me not to say something insulting back when you left wearing a black leather jacket. So, with this and many other negative situations and after a lot of soul searching, I decided to pack up the bistro and move (currently into my over filled garage).

I have no idea where or when I will set up another storefront, but I promised a special 7 year old boy that he will be spending lots of time with me this summer. I thought it was least I could do since he’s had to share me with the bistro all his life.

To all the loyal bistro customers, thank you for standing by me all these years and for “getting” what I was trying to do. For those of you whom I had the pleasure and opportunity to cater for, thank you for thinking I could do it. I realize that I will surely get quite a bit of backlash from this, someone called it “career suicide” - which I thought was extremely dramatic - but sometimes when things get so busy that they take on a life of their own, you just need to stop, regroup and start again. So folks, until we “start” again………….



You Gotta EAT HERE!

We have been featured on the popular TV show You Gotta EAT HERE! on Food Network Canada. The original episode aired as part of You Gotta EAT HERE! Season 3 (2014) Episode 18 on Friday 6th June at 6:30PM.

Watch for us on re-runs, or watch the web-isodes and blooper reels (Christina can probably have one dedicated just to her!) online at foodnetwork.ca.

Thanks go to our regulars who appeared on the show with us and thanks to John Catucci, Jim and all the crew. You're all welcome back anytime (at the next location)!

FOOD NETWORK is a trademark of Television Food Network G.P.; used with permission.

P.S.: Our "Hot Mess", as listed on their website, isn't actually a Poutine.
It's closer to Chili Fries. (Regardless, it's really yummy).
Christina will still post on our Facebook page, probably not as often as in the past, though.
Cornbread Recipe
Christina has posted the Bistro's Cornbread Recipe here.
Vancouver Sun Feature
We've been featured in the Food section of the Vancouver Sun by Shelley Fralic in her "Best of BC BBQ" series - (web on the 17th, and in print on the 18th of July 2012). Thanks go out to our regulars, old and new, who recommended us!
Unfortunately it looks like the Sun doesn't have any of the BBQ series articles online any more, but I did, much to Christina's annoyance, get it framed and it's hanging on the hallway wall at the Bistro. Have a read while you're waiting for a feed! (Yes, that sound you heard was my English teacher rolling over in his grave).

Please check back here for more updates or send us an email.

A sticker we saw on our trip to Memphis that struck a chord with us:
"Break the Chain, Eat Local!"

- " Wilbur" -

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